Stuart Sidle & Associates

Change Management, Leadership Development, Talent Engagement and Strategic Planning

Dr. Stuart Sidle is an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist who offers the following services to organizations:

  • Facilitating Strategic Planning Retreats & Team Building Interventions
  • Managerial Assessment for Selection and Development
  • Consulting on Issues around Organizational Development and Change
  • Developing Employee Surveys
  • Coaching Executives
  • 360 Feedback
  • Creating and Delivering Workshops for Managers


Stuart Sidle received his B.A. from The American University and his MA and Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from DePaul University. Currently, he is the director of the Industrial/Organizational Psychology programs at the University of New Haven where he teaches courses in Leadership, Motivation, Organizational Development and Human Resource Management. Before joining UNH, Stuart has held full time faculty appointments at DePaul University's College of Commerce and at Saint Xavier University's Department of Psychology. He has won awards for excellence in teaching at both universities.

His research interests include leading change, employee surveys, job stress, work place humor and stereotyping in the personnel selection process. In addition to lecturing throughout the United States on these topics, he has published his findings in such journals as the Academy of Management Executive, Academy of Management Perspectives, Organizational Research Methods, the Journal of Applied Social Psychology and the Journal of Business and Psychology.

As a consultant, Dr. Sidle has assisted a wide range of organizations with many different challenges including overcoming resistance to change, improving personnel selection systems, creating performance evaluation systems, and developing leadership training workshops for managers and employees. Furthermore, Dr. Sidle has facilitated organizational development retreats and strategic planning meetings for senior leaders of businesses, nonprofit agencies and universities. He is an active member of the Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, the Society of Human Resource Management and the Academy of Management. And, in 2009 Dr. Sidle was named a "Rising Star" by the magazine Business New Haven.

Stuart Sidle was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Lacking the talent to become a rock star or the athletic ability to become a professional baseball player, he decided to move to Chicago to pursue the rewarding field of industrial-organizational psychology. While earning his Ph.D in I/O Psychology in Chicago, he was simultaneously studying and performing with several improvisational comedy theater troupes. He learned that the skills needed to succeed as an improvisational comedy theater troupe are similar to the ones organizational leaders need to manage teams and to inspire workplace innovation. Many of the exercises he uses when training managers or teaching MBA students are a blend of techniques used to develop improvisational theater teams and classic organizational development interventions.

When not at work, he is usually spending time with his wife and two little boys. Yet, as a good psychologist, he confesses to at least two obsessions – as a political news junkie and as a connoisseur of excellent pizza. After painstaking research into the latter domain, he reports being thoroughly impressed with New Haven’s pizza.