Stuart Sidle & Associates

Change Management, Leadership Development, Talent Engagement and Strategic Planning

Leadership Development

  • Coaching leaders by leveraging 360 degree feedback and managerial assessment tools.
  • Creating custom development plans for organizational leaders based on the integration of supervisory feedback, assessments, behavioral interviews and other relevant data.
  • Delivering custom workshops for managers and supervisors.
  • Helping leaders respond effectively to employee surveys and other forms of feedback.

    Change Management
    • Analyzing organizational conditions prior to the implementation of major change(s).
    • Planning for successful implementation of change. 
    • Developing a communication strategy for change.
    • Motivating stakeholders to overcome resistance to change: emotional and intellectual components.
    • Engaging stakeholders in the implementation process.
    • Implementing organizational development interventions.
    • Building commitment for the new strategy /organization.
    • Evaluating change efforts.

      Strategic Planning

    • Facilitating strategic planning retreats.
    • Providing follow-up support to ensure successful implementation of the strategy.
    • Assessing talent to ensure that management & employee behavior is aligned with strategic goals.
    • Coaching leaders on how collaborate effectively during the planning process.


    Talent Engagement

    • Helping leaders learn how to attract and retain loyal and satisfied talent.
    • Measuring talent satisfaction and commitment via surveys to help leaders manage retention.
    • Helping managers decide on immediate actions to improve engagement, satisfaction and retention of their associates based on survey results. 
    • Renergizing teams to build trust, enthusiasm and commitment toward unifying goals.
    • Aligning human resource management practices with strategic goals.
    • Helping talent stay focused and energized in the face of stress and ambiguity.